About us!

What is Coffice.today?

Coffice.today ranks places for remote workers, freelancers and students. It's a community for people searching for specific places / cafes / public spaces to work from with freelancer friendly atmosphere and tools, e.g. good wi-fi connection, great coffee, power outlets, pet friendly etc. Website will help you find the perfect place to work from anywhere in the world. Explore cities with lists of best cafes / coffee shops to bring your laptop to and get some work done.

Coffice.today is a informative website crowdsourced by people to share with digital nomads.

Our mission!

Coffice.today's mission is to let people around the world be able to find suitable public places / cafes / coffee shops to work from regardless either if you live in the city, came on a business trip, just travel or on vacation. Every day you can have a new "office".

Contact us

email: info@coffice.today


⭐ Rating

🍕 Good Food

☕ Good coffee

👥 Good Staff

🏝️ Good outside view

✨ Restroom clean

📡 Fast internet

🚘 Parking spot

🐾 Pets friendly

🔌 Power outlets

♿ Wheelchair accessible

🥦 Vegan/vegetarian

❄️ A/C

💳 Pay with card

🚲 Bike parking